Eureka Forbes is inclined towards redefining the way you clean your home. To provide you the luxury of spotless homes, we bring to you – Euroclean. Euroclean is a pioneer in bringing to the nation technological innovations that have created several industry benchmarks. Coming from the house of Eureka Forbes, a household name that is itself a pioneer and leader in vacuum cleaners and water purifiers, Euroclean has a distinguished lineage and is trusted by over 5 million satisfied customers.

Zero Bend Mode

The innovative Zero Bend Mode transforms the cleaning experience by reaching underneath furniture and hard to reach areas, without bending, thereby giving the user a comfortable and convenient cleaning experience. The 2-way folding handle makes storage compact and easy.


EdgecleanTM technology divert suction to the edge of the vacuum, to clean all the way to the edge of the room, while uniquely shaped bristles sweep dirt out of the corners making the hard to reach cleaning easy and convenient cleaning.

Bolt FC Roller Brush

The patented Bolt FC Roller Brush cleans rigorously and at a remarkable speed of 3000 RPM to eliminate even the toughest dirt, leaving no trace of dust mites and other microscopic creatures. Cleaning is convenient and efficient when you can achieve thorough cleaning results at the push of a button.

95 mins runtime

Powered with 36V li-ion duramax battery, these vacuum cleaners generate a suction of 21.81 airwatts to deliver an unmatched run time of 95 minutes.

S2 technology

Clean and sanitize simultaneously using cleaners equipped with S2 technology that saves you both time and effort. The sweep and steam combined action ensures you achieve hygienic results in one go. Remove all traces of dirt with the microfibre cloth and sanitize with the steaming function. If required, you can also use each option separately as well.

S3 care technology

S3 care technology on cleaners combine the sweep, swab & spray functions for you to achieve easier, faster or more thorough cleaning. The spray function automatically moistens the rotating microfiber rollers to pick dirt up, while the water-dirt mixture is continuously suctioned off the rollers at the same time, leaving the floors dry and ultra clean. This practical self-cleaning function keeps the rollers fresh and ready-to-use at all times.